Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing
Whitley Bay and North Shields

Having a great website design is only part of the solution to promoting your business on the internet. Visitors must be able to find your website first before they can read about your products and services and then be converted into enquiries by the website and ultimately into customers.

Attracting visitors to your site can be achieved by Search Engine Optimisation and Pay per Click advertising.

Search Engine Optimisation aim of Search Engine Optimisation is to achieve a high placement in the natural search engine results pages. Most people searching the internet will find the answer to their search on the first page of results and this is the goal we set for the websites of our internet marketing clients. Preferably we want our sites above the cut on the first page so searchers do not have to scroll down in their web browser to find the website link. Ideally we want our clients' sites in the first position on page 1 of the search engine results page for the particular search terms that are important to those clients.

This search engine optimisation can be a long term project which will depend on the competitiveness of the chosen keywords. Pay Per Click advertising offers a short cut to page 1 presence.

Pay Per Click Advertising Per Click advertising can be a very cost effective method of promoting a website. Unlike other forms of advertising, in which money is paid in advance and the company providing the advertising has no ongoing interest in how successful the advertising campaign is, with Pay Per Click advertising you only pay when a visitor is delivered to your site and the tracking of conversions into enquiries is relatively simple.

A Pay Per Click campaign can be set up and active in a very short period of time and the budgets for advertising can be strictly controlled.

When setting up a Pay Per Click campaign for our clients we show them exactly how the process works and how they are in full control of their advertising budget.

Pay Per Click is a very effective means of achieving a page 1 presence in search results in a very short period of time. Providing the website is designed correctly, this can bring new customers to a business very quickly.