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Providing website design and internet marketing services since 2003.

From the start, almost all of SiteBoosting's business has come from recommendations and the markets we have experience in include: luxury transport, furniture restoration and upholstery, driving instruction, sports training, consumer help, telecommunications, image consultancy and fashion design.

From online shopping sites (ecommerce) to marketing websites, SiteBoosting can provide your business with the internet presence it requires. In addition to providing website design and maintenance, SiteBoosting prides itself on supplying cost-effective internet marketing using a combination of 'pay-per-click' advertising (which is an immediate route to market) and long term search engine optimisation, to provide an effective web presence and reduce or eliminate advertising costs.

The initial focus was on website design and internet marketing services for local clients. SiteBoosting's early customer base encompassed Whitley Bay, Monkseaton and North Shields. This quickly spread to South Shields, Sunderland and Newcastle and then further afield with the most distant customer 300 miles away in Kent.

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